Banyutowo Idol Beach, Complete Package Vacation in Pati

Banyutowo Idola Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Pati Regency, when weekends or holidays arrive, it becomes the most visited place by tourists.

Seeing the open sea is indeed fun, Banyutowo Idol Beach not only presents a beautiful beach and ocean atmosphere, but various other supporting facilities are also available complete on this beach.

As the name implies, this beach is an idol for marine tourism connoisseurs. The following is a description of Banyutowo Idola Beach, as a reference for your tour in Pati, Central Java to visit this weekend.

Location of Banyutowo Idol Beach

Banyutowo Idola Beach is located in Banyutowo Village, Dukuhseti District, Pati Regency, Central Java.

Route to Banyutowo Idol Beach

The road that is accessed to get to Banyutowo Idol Beach can be by using two or four-wheeled vehicles. The route is if departing from the Pati Square, by heading to Jl. Raya Pati – Tayu to Jl. Captain Yusuf, Kebon.

Then continue on Jl. Captain Yusuf to Jl. Juwana – Tayu/Jl. Sunan-Ngerang, until arriving at Jl. Juwana – Tayu and Jl. Tayu – Puncel to Jl. TPI to Krajan Dukuhseti as far as 24.3 km.

After 45 minutes you will soon arrive at Banyutowo Idol Beach. the distance you have to travel is about 39.5 km or 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Banyutowo Idol Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

The entrance ticket to Banyutowo Idol Beach is around Rp. 5.000,- per vehicle.

Banyutowo Idol Beach Opening Hours

  • Banyutowo Idola Beach is open every day from Monday to Sunday.
  • The opening hours of Banyutowo Idol Beach are 24 hours.

Banyutowo Idol Beach Facilities

Banyutowo Idol Beach facilities include:

  • Toilet,
  • mosque,
  • kids games,
  • Photo Spots,
  • gazebo,
  • Seat,
  • food stall,
  • Boat,
  • milkfish pond,
  • Water Duck,
  • Kids Swimming Pool,
  • Park bench,
  • Tire,
  • Vehicle Parking Area.

Banyutowo Idol Beach Attraction

1. Mangrove Forest

When visiting Banyutowo Idola Beach, your eyes will be fascinated by the natural panorama that is served. The best time is when visiting in the morning or evening.

Especially by visiting the mangrove forest area which is located not far from the beach. Access to it is also made instagramable, making it suitable as an aesthetic photo and video background.

2. Lesehan vibes in the Gazebo

One of the things that distinguishes Banyutowo idol beach from other beaches is the gazebos that are set up as far as the eye can see.

The gazebo on Idola Banyutowo beach is quite spacious, it can really be used as a place for family rest after tired of playing on the beach. You can enjoy the vibes of nature in a relaxed manner, while eating lunch, singing together and other exciting things.

3. Variety of Exciting Rides

When visiting Banyutowo Idola Beach, you are not only satisfied with the beach. There are a variety of exciting rides that you and your family can try.

FYI, at Banyutowo Idol Beach there is a fairly large milkfish pond. Well, here is also provided a water duck ride. You can enjoy the fun by paying a fairly cheap fee.

Playing swings on the beach can also be done. In addition, complete your vacation by inviting the children to swim in a swimming pool around Banyutowo Idola Beach.

4. Banyutowo Idol Beach Landmark

When visiting Banyutowo Idola Beach, you really have to capture photos at the typical landmarks of this beach.

One of the most iconic landmarks in this tourist location is a spot like an open alley above which is decorated with beautiful colorful umbrellas. Taking pictures in front of the landmark that reads Banyutowo Idol Beach is also Instagramable.

5. Enjoy the Delicacy of Seafood

Eating delicious seafood is something that should not be missed while on vacation to the beach. The stalls in this tourist beach area provide a variety of complete seafood menus that you can enjoy. Oh yes, at Idol Beach there is a cafe too…