Cilacap White Sand Beach, Silent Beach Near Karang Bolong Fort

White Sand Beach or Karang Pandan Beach is your next tourist destination when you are in Cilacap Regency, as the name suggests you will find a stretch of soft white sand.

For you beach or sea lovers, you will definitely be satisfied with the view that you will get when you are at Cilacap White Sand Beach.

Indonesia is a maritime country that is rich in beautiful coastal tourism, from Sabang to Merauke there are rows of beaches with really great views.

Cilacap Regency, for example, has a row of unspoiled beaches with natural views that make you feel at home. Some of them:

  • Kamulyan Beach,
  • Permisan Beach,
  • kalipat beach,
  • Kali Kencana Beach,
  • Widara Umbrella Beach,
  • And several other beaches.

The following is a description of Cilacap White Sand Beach as a tourist reference material for those of you who want to vacation with an unspoiled beach atmosphere.

Location of Cilacap White Sand Beach

  • The location of Cilacap White Sand Beach is on Nusakambangan Island.
  • Administratively, it is located at Tambakreja, South Cilacap District, Cilacap Regency, Central Java.

Route to Cilacap White Sand Beach

The route to Cilacap White Sand Beach is to start your journey to Teluk Turtle Beach , then continue your journey by renting a boat.

Many boats around Teluk Turtle Beach will take you to Pasir Putih Beach, the estimated time is around 15 minutes. You will be given a life jacket to ensure your safety while sailing the ocean.

The best time is when the weather is sunny, avoid visiting at the end of the day or late in the evening. To avoid things that are not desirable.

Cilacap White Sand Beach Opening Hours

  • The opening hours of Cilacap White Sand Beach are every Monday to Sunday, 24 hours non-stop.
  • The operating hours are the same as Teluk Turtle Beach, because it is the main entrance.

Cilacap White Sand Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

  • Likewise, the price of the entrance ticket is in accordance with the entrance ticket to Teluk Penyu Beach, namely by paying Rp. 8.000,- per person,
  • Coupled with a boat rental fee of Rp. 10,000,- per person

Cilacap White Sand Beach Facilities

Existing facilities around Cilacap White Sand Beach are still limited, public facilities include simple food and drink stalls. As for the prayer room, you can find it in the Dutch tunnel that you pass.

Cilacap White Sand Beach Attractions

1. Fort Karang Bolong Cilacap

To go to Cilacap White Sand Beach, it is more exciting if you go through Karang Bolong Fort, so it’s like one row of two or three islands.

Karang Bolong Fort is a historical fort, it is said that it is also known as the Napoleon Tower because it has something to do with Napoleon Bonaparte.

This fort has been established since 1716, was used by the Dutch colonial army to guard the Port of Cilacap. Karang Bolong Fort has several rooms, which are not as complete as they used to be.

Anyway, it’s really fun, but prepare lighting equipment because when you go through the tunnel inside the fort there is no light at all.

Oh yes, one more thing, when trekking to Pasir Putih Beach through Karang Bolong Fort, you will walk through a forest area inhabited by a group of wild monkeys. So you have to take good care of your belongings!

2. Silent Beach

White Sand Beach is still rarely visited, so it is included in a quiet and quiet beach. Hulang-Healing here is delicious and calming. Only the sound of the waves coming and going, which is always heard in the ears.

The surrounding nature is still very natural, beautiful and makes us amazed and even more grateful for the grace that God has given.

3. Soft White Sand

This is the main attraction, which is a stretch of soft white sand. Sitting on a stretch of sand or playing with the sand is one of the types of tourism that must be done.

The waves are quite big, it’s really fun to play in the waves at this Cilacap White Sand Beach. Let your feet or body hit by the waves, while watching the vastness of the ocean in front of your eyes.