Kali Kencana Beach, Nusakambangan Beach which is no less beautiful

Kali Kencana Beach is one of the beautiful beaches that is still hidden, so it is dubbed the hidden germ or hidden paradise, and the hidden paradise of Nusakambangan Island.

Huh Nusakambangan?? He, this island that seems scary and scary turns out to have several beaches that are worthy of being used as tourist attractions in Cilacap.

The beauty of Kencana Beach is not much different from White Sand Beach or Kalipat Beach , which are both located on Nusakambangan Island. The path to get to the location also requires extra energy, like climbing a mountain.

But guaranteed, the fatigue you feel will be paid off with the silence and also the beauty of Kali Kencana Beach. Come on, see the full review below!

Location of Kali Kencana Beach

  • The location of Kali Kencana Beach is in the south of Nusakambangan Island.
  • Precisely located in Tambakreja District, Cilacap Regency, Central Java.

Route to Kali Kencana Beach

The road to Kali Kencana Beach begins with a trip to Teluk Turtle Beach, then rents a boat to ask to be delivered to Kali Kencana Beach.

Similarly, to Kalipat Beach and Karang Pandan Beach , to get to Kali Kencana Beach the only transportation is to rent a small boat.

Kali Kencana Beach Trekking

To enjoy all the beautiful things it always takes more effort, to get to Kali Kencana Beach you have to do trekking by treading the path between the shady trees.

The paths are very diverse, from sloping to up and down hills. We recommend that you come to visit with people who have visited Kali Kencana Beach because there are no directions during the trekking route, besides that there are quite a number of branching roads.

The time required for trekking is quite long, which is about 2 hours. Could be less, could also be more, depending on the resistance of each. It’s best to travel to Kali Kencana Beach in the morning, so it’s not too hot.

Kali Kencana Beach Opening Hours

  • There are no special provisions when entering Kali Kencana Beach.
  • But you have to adjust the boat rental time which is the main transportation.

Kali Kencana Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

  • The entrance ticket that must be issued is when entering Teluk Turtle Beach , because to go to Kali Kencana Beach you have to rent a boat on the beach.
  • And the cost for boat rental transportation is around Rp. 25.000,- per person.

Kali Kencana Beach Facilities

Like hidden beaches in general, there are no facilities around Kali Kencana Beach. So you have to make sure to bring enough food and drink.

Kali Kencana Beach Attractions

1. Alluring Natural Beauty

Kali Kencana Beach has a very beautiful natural view, the sea water is blue with big waves because of its location facing directly to the Indian Ocean.

Kali Kencana Beach is not so wide, it looks like a horse’s tread with high green cliffs on the left and right. And a rock that looks like a boat is one of the icons. The white sand is not so wide, but wide enough to run around.

The exhaustion of trekking is paid off in cash, with a panoramic view of the beauty of Kali Kencana Beach which is worthy of being protected by nature.

2. Variety of Exciting and Anti Mainstream Tourism

While at Kali Kencana Beach, there is a lot of fun that can be done. Starting from playing simple swings, playing in the waves, to jumping from rock cliffs to the blue sea.

Always make sure it’s safe, you can have fun but don’t forget the mainland hehehe….

After being satisfied with doing a variety of exciting tours, it’s time to rest on the sand while enjoying the beauty of the sea in front of your eyes. While enjoying the food or drink that you have prepared from home.

3. Camping in the Silence

Youth is indeed a period that is difficult to forget, especially if it is filled with various exciting and unforgettable memories. Camping is an activity that is quite attractive to young people, especially those who are usually called nature lovers.

Throughout the night you will be accompanied by the waves that always come and go, the sea breeze is ready to accompany your long night. With bestie and friends to hang out, spending time together.

Remember, clean up the trash that you produce… Don’t let the beauty of Kali Kencana Beach be lost due to garbage. Because actually trash is the enemy of all of us.