Pasir Kencana Beach, Modern Beach Tourism in Pekalongan

Pasir Kencana Beach is a modern beach resort which is located in Pekalongan City. Be careful not to get it wrong, you must know that Pekalongan has a Regency and a City.

Yes,,, a kind of Bandung whose territory is divided into regencies and municipalities. The tourist attractions that are presented will obviously be different, for example, Pekalongan Regency is identical with natural attractions such as mountains, hills, to waterfalls or waterfalls.

Meanwhile, Pekalongan City has a tourist area around the coast and the sea, because it is directly adjacent to the Java Sea in the north. In addition, it is also the most important port in Central Java.

Pasir Kencana Beach began to reopen in March 2022 yesterday, with the theme of contemporary artificial tourism which occupies an area of ​​​​about 1.5 hectares. Here’s a review that we can present!

Location and Address of Pasir Kencana Beach

The address of Pasir Kencana Beach is on Pantai Street, Wonokerto, Panjang Wetan Village, North Pekalongan District, Pekalongan City, Central Java.

Route to Pasir Kencana Beach

The route to Pasir Kencana Beach is quite close from Pekalongan City Square, with an estimated time of about 14 minutes and a distance of less than 5 km.

Namely by taking the direction to Jalan Hasanudin to get to Jl. WR. Supratman until he arrived at Panjang Wetan. Next, just look for the location from Pasir Kencana Beach, the access road is paved and can be passed by any vehicle.

Pasir Kencana Beach Opening Hours

  • Pasir Kencana Beach operating hours are open from 14.00 to 20.00
  • Every Tuesday to Sunday
  • As for Monday closed

Pasir Kencana Beach Entrance Fee

  • The HTM of Pasir Kencana Beach is Rp. 15.000,- per person for weekdays
  • Every Friday to Sunday Rp. 20,000,-
  • For holidays and other big days Rp. 25.000,-

Children with a height above 80cm must purchase an entrance ticket

Pasir Kencana Beach Facilities

Some of the facilities available at Pasir Kencana Pekalongan Beach include:

  • Ample vehicle parking area,
  • Toilet,
  • viewing tower,
  • mosque,
  • The entertainment stage,
  • cultural stage,
  • jogging track,
  • rinse room,
  • outdoor rinse,
  • Water fountain,
  • food and beverage stalls,
  • a place to sit,
  • souvenir shop,

The Attractions of Pasir Kencana Beach

1. Modern Beach Tour

The viewing tower at Pasir Kencana Beach is very different from the viewing tower in general, the design is very artistic and during the journey up to the top it is not hot at all.

From the top of the viewing tower you can see several points on Pasir Kencana Beach, and the fun fact is that this place is a favorite place for visitors to enjoy the sunset in the afternoon.

The shape of the viewing tower is very unique, and looks different when compared to the surrounding buildings. Moreover, with colorful patterns, oh yes, this viewing tower is only open until 6 pm.

2. Enjoying the Beautiful Sunset

Pasir Kencana Beach is famous for its beautiful sunset charm, this is the main attraction of this beach hits in Pekalongan.

Visitors can watch the beautiful sunset, while chatting and of course capturing it into a photo or video. If the weather is sunny, the beauty of the sunset will be displayed in real.

3. Walking Track

To enjoy the beauty of the beach up close, you can walk on the walking track. Namely an elongated bridge which is located right in front of the beach.

Pasir Kencana Beach has no sand, only rock breaking waves along its side. The waves are not that big, the walking track is indeed suitable as a location to enjoy the beauty of the beach closer.

This spot is also often used by visitors to be used as a photo spot, currently selfie or wefie activities are a mandatory requirement when traveling.

4. Family Attractions

Pasir Kencana Beach is very suitable to be visited with family members, there are several spots for children to play. Where they can play sand at several available points. In addition, there are other rides, for example, playing with ducks.

There is also a swimming pool, even though you can’t play in the water in the beach area, you can still play in the water and even swim in some of the available swimming pools. There are quite a lot of pools with different depths, ranging from children to adults.

In the afternoon until evening, visitors will be spoiled by the presence of a fountain which is located in the central area.

5. Instagramable Photo Spots

As a modern tourist spot, at Pasir Kencana Beach there are quite a number of places or spots to take pictures, some of which are:

  • Pekalongan Landmarks,
  • A unique canting,
  • Taking pictures with the background of the people’s stage,
  • Take pictures with the fountain, and many others.

The later in the afternoon the view will be more beautiful, coupled with the colorful colors of the fountain.


Pasir Kencana Beach is still a newbie, if you look at the one that just opened about 3 months ago, the view is still very neat and clean. Hopefully the cleanliness is still maintained until later.