Pekalongan Slamaran Beach, Between Myths, Fishing Spots, Until the Dusk Children

Slamaran Beach is a beach located in Pekalongan City, precisely in North Pekalongan District. And is a beach tourist destination that is quite attractive to tourists.

Maybe for some people, Slamaran Beach has its own story considering the thick myths and mystical stories that adorn the beauty of this beach.

Apart from that, Slamaran Beach is a good location to enjoy the sunset or take the children to play with the sand. Always crowded, especially on weekends and holidays.

The following is a description of Slamaran Beach as a reference for beach tourism in Pekalongan City for those of you who are on vacation in the city of batik.

Location of Slamaran Beach Pekalongan

  • The location of Slamaran Beach is in the Pekalongan Archipelago Fisheries Port area.
  • The address is in Krapyak Lor Village/Sub-district, North Pekalongan District, Pekalongan City, Central Java.

Route to Pekalongan Slamaran Beach

Slamaran Pekalongan Beach is quite close to Pekalongan City Square, so it only takes about 15 minutes. Access can also be passed by two or four-wheeled vehicles.

The route that you can take is to go to Jalan KH. Wahid Hasyim to go to Jl. H. Agus Salim, keep on the road until you finally arrive at Krapyak Lor, North Pekalongan.

Slamaran Beach Pekalongan Opening Hours

  • Operating hours from Slamaran Beach every Monday to Sunday.
  • Starting from 06.00 to 17.00 local time.

Slamaran Pekalongan Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

The price of the entrance ticket to Slamaran Beach is very cheap and affordable, you only need to pay around Rp. 5,000, – only.

Slamaran Pekalongan Beach Facilities

Public facilities around Slamaran Beach include:

  • Toilet,
  • food and beverage stalls,
  • Area for storing vehicles,
  • mosque,

History of Slamaran Beach Pekalongan

Slamaran Beach is believed to be the place where Dewi Lanjar is located. She used to be named Dewi Rara Kuning, who had a tragic story shortly after marriage.

Namely, her husband died, and made Dewi Rara Kuning a widow at a young age. Dewi Lanjar is a nickname given by the community, because you can say she is a flower widow.

Her husband’s departure made Dewi Lanjar confused, so that she took her to be imprisoned in the South Sea, where she finally met the Lord of the South Coast.

Long story short, Dewi Lanjar was assigned by the Queen to prevent Raden Bahu’s attempt to open the Gambiren Forest, but the task failed because it turned out that Raden Bahu was not a random person.

Dewi Lanjar was embarrassed to return to the South Beach, and finally asked Raden Bahu for permission to stay in the coastal area of ​​Pekalongan Beach.

Until now, local people believe that Dewi Lanjar has her own place and built her palace around Slamaran Beach.

Pekalongan Slamaran Beach Attractions

1. The Myth of Slamaran Beach

Based on the story above, eventually gave rise to a myth that Slamaran Beach is a location that is often used by irresponsible people to get wealth instantly. Namely by doing pesugihan on Dewi Lanjar with very heavy conditions.

One of the myths that is believed to be that if there is a small child who is lost in the waves is believed to be brought by Dewi Lanjar. Although it cannot be scientifically proven, it is quite interesting for tourists who are curious about the real story.

2. Fishing Spot

The next attraction of Slamaran Beach is that it is a spot for fishing for sea fish, many visitors are seen fishing among the swift waves.

3. Enjoying Twilight

A beach synonymous with twilight panoramas, not to forget Slamaran Beach also has a beautiful sunset that deserves to be enjoyed. You are a twilight child, it is really mandatory to come here.

4. The bridge protrudes into the sea

When viewed from above, there is a road or bridge that juts into the middle of the ocean and is between the swift waves of Slamaran Beach. Usually used by those who like fishing.


Everything that is instant must not always bring happiness, so enjoy every process of life that is being lived. One of them is by enjoying the natural beauty at Slamaran Beach Pekalongan.