Widarapayung Beach, Cilacap Beach which is fun to hang out at the cafe

Widarapayung Beach or Pantai Indah Widarapayung, one of the beaches in Cilacap which is a favorite location for residents to vacation. Almost during weekends and school holidays, this beach is always crowded with tourists.

Cilacap Regency has many beach attractions that are worth visiting, all the beaches have different characteristics and attractions.

Beach connoisseurs can have fun at Widarapayung Beach, besides the place is quite spacious, there are many things or various tours that can be done here.

The following is a complete review of Widarapayung Beach as a reference for marine tourism with family or community groups when in Cilacap Regency, Central Java.

Location of Widarapayung Beach

Location Widarapayung Beach is located in Widarapayung Village, Binangun District, Cilacap Regency, Central Java.

Route to Widarapayung Beach

Access to Widarapayung Beach can be reached by using two or four-wheeled vehicles. If you go from Cilacap Square , you can go through two routes, namely:

  • Gumilir Line – Purwokerto
  • East Ring Road

The first route is the fastest with an estimated time of about 54 minutes, namely by heading south to get to Jl. Tegal – Cilacap until arriving at the Gumilir Line – Purwokerto.

Continue the journey until you arrive at Jl. Srandil and Jl. Diponegoro. Just keep going until you finally arrive at the entrance to Widara Payung Beach in Sidayu Village.

To enter Widarapayung Beach there are three entrances, namely:

  • Entrance in Sidayu Village,
  • Widarapayung Wetan Village, and
  • Widarapayung Village, Kulon.

The main entrance is in the village of Widarapayung Wetan.

Widarapayung Beach Opening Hours

Widarapayung Beach operating hours are every Monday to Sunday, 24 hours non-stop.

Widarapayung Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

The entrance ticket to Widarapayung Beach is very cheap, you only need to pay an entrance ticket of Rp. 5.000,- per person.

Widarapayung Beach Facilities

Facilities around Widarapayung Beach include:

  • food and beverage stalls,
  • vehicle parking area,
  • Bathroom,
  • simple saddle,
  • mosque,
  • Restaurant,

Widarapayung Beach Attractions

1. Extensive coastline

Widarapayung Beach is famous for its wide coastline, so it can be used for various activities such as camping, family gatherings, school or community events.

The wide sand makes us free to do activities above, moreover the texture is soft and there are not too many small rocks so that even barefoot will feel comfortable.

Seen many children who are sitting relaxed while playing with the sand in front of him. Either by making a hole, making a simple building, or making writing.

2. Big Waves

Widarapayung Beach has quite big waves, every roll of the waves seems to never stop always coming and going, causing a distinctive white foam.

Because the location of Widarapayung Beach is on the south coast, this beach is often used by visitors to do surfing or surfing activities.

Even though it has big waves, not a few visitors play in the water on the outskirts of the beach. There are also those who wait for the waves to come, then run when the waves are approaching. Weird but fun, give it a try!

Still, parents must monitor the safety of their children when playing at Pantai Indah Widarapayung, don’t let the excitement of the holidays turn into excitement.

3. Variety of Interesting Tours

The next attraction of Widarapayung Beach is the many kinds of tours that can be done, for example:

  • Go around the beach by carriage or horse,
  • bermian ATV,
  • Playing soccer,
  • kite playing,
  • Until camping.

Oh yes, FYI Widarapayung Beach was hit by a tsunami in 2006, there is a memorial monument not far from the beach to commemorate the devastating effect of the tsunami at that time.

4. Cafe Widarapayung

The cafe is currently used as a fun hangout place to gather with your bestie or partner, there are several cafes on Widarapayung Beach that you can find. Some of them:

  • Cafe Teal and Yellow,
  • Watami Paradise Cafe.

The two cafes are located around Widarapayung Beach, the right place to enjoy the sunset with a cup of warm coffee accompanied by your partner. Wow, so romantic….